Unique Data

Rich in the Human Element

Many different types of data are being marketed today.  There's Transaction data, Credit card data, Cookies/clicks and Social media “Big data.”  Most of these data types are historical in nature and limited in depth...focused on a scan or a click …some is full of fraud, bots or masquerading as consumer insight. 

While many of these data sources provide volumes of data with limited depth,  Prosper data focuses on rich human data for unique analysis not present in other datasets..


Prosper data is; Unique, Accurate and Predictive….AND, it is privacy compliant for GDPR, California and individual consumers concerns.

If data was like the Period Table of Elements. Prosper data would be a new Element… the Human Element.

Prosper Data goes beyond simple click/cookie to uncover and detail via open ended questions shopping behavior data for digital and brick and mortar plus personas and, the why and future spending intentions of consumers.

In depth Monthly dialogue with consumers since 2002. Over 3000 data elements are captured from each consumer every month.

Consumers share intimate details about themselves and their lives ranging from demographics, retail shopping preferences, spending intentions, economic attitudes, motivations and emotional/psychographic insights ….No bots, no fraud, and no unverifiable assumptions. Prosper data is collected monthly in the US and Quarterly in China.

Prosper data is delivered in easy to use Executive insight packages as well as organized datasets for Data Scientists.  Our Dynamic Widgets allow for automated provisioning and distribution of Executive Insights which reduce the need for client resources to perform those functions.

The Prosper Model Factory provides a platform for the rapid development of machine learning models for:

  • Enhanced Marketing & Communication 
  • Financial and Time Series Forecasting

Human Element
Human Element